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Office History


Originally conceived as the Comptroller, Saurashtra, the office came under the control of AG Bombay, after the merger of Saurashtra and Kutch with the composite Bombay State in November 1956. Consequent on formation of Gujarat State in 1960, the office of the AG, Gujarat was formed at Ahmedabad in June 1960 with Branch office at Rajkot and Bombay. In June 1962, Bombay branch was shifted to Ahmedabad and AG Gujarat started functioning with branch office at Rajkot.

The office of AG (Audit)-I, Ahmedabad was formed as a result of restructuring of the Indian Audit & Accounts Department in 1984. This office has been upgraded to the Office of the Principal Accountant General (Commercial and Receipt Audit) with effect from 30 December 2002. The office was renamed as Office of the Principal Accountant General (Economic & Revenue Sector Audit) from 2nd April, 2012.  With effect from August 2012 the office has again been renamed as Office of the Accountant General  (Economic & Revenue Sector Audit). Three other offices of IA&AD in Gujarat are the Office of the Principal Director of Audit (Central) Ahmedabad, Office of the Accountant General (General & Social Sector Audit), Rajkot and Accountant General (A&E) at Rajkot with a branch office at Ahmedabad. Pr. Accountant General (E&RSA) is the estate officer for all the   IA & AD offices (Except of P & T Audit) at Ahmedabad.


Principal Accountant General (E & R S A) Gujarat, Ahmedabad...

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